Stages of Release…Are We Ready?

Our governor let us know today we will be starting a gradual release from the “hunkering down” here in Indiana. Full release is to be accomplished by July 4th.

Stage 1 begins on Monday. Essential travel restrictions will no longer be in effect. Gatherings can increase to 25. Social distancing must still be practiced. Later in the month, nail and hair salons will open again. Restaurants will also be able to open to 25% capacity. The remaining four stages will allow for gradual release, with final release by July.

I don’t know about you, but I still fear this virus. It hasn’t gone away. It isn’t less deadly. More people will contract it and more people will die. But, in the interest of the economy, which is important I know, we have reached the great compromise. Politicians are willing to risk our lives to allow us to be able to spend freely, and for many, return to work, and consequences be damned!

Things are opening up, not because it is safer, but because they are fairly certain, or are operating under great faith, that the additional cases will not overwhelm our health care system. We have flattened the curve. We have success.

But are we ready to mingle again? I know I’m wanting to get out again. To go hang out with friends. To go see my family. To go to the movies. Wanting though, is not the same as being ready.

Being at home watching the numbers climb, watching the highest office in the land give extremely bad and dangerous advice, and politicians give their talking points—but little substance, doesn’t make me feel safer.

Being away from people for so long, of being wary of where the people I see and talk to, having to maintain social distance, has changed me, and I think changed us.

We may want to get on with things, but are we emotionally and mentally ready to be around people again? Will our underlying will to live cause us to be more cautious of, and more anxious around, people, no matter who they are?

Are we ready as humans to begin to interact in ways that have a pretty good chance of making us sick? Life in general is wrought with danger, but that is danger we place ourselves in often by our choices. Since COVID-19 is so easily transmitted, what will our choices be when we have free choice?

I ask again, for these stages of release, are we ready?

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