Educators Unite

I’ll begin by saying I’m not an organizer and have never organized a protest of any sort that I can recall. What I’m about to propose I freely give the mantle for someone else to hang and run with it. I’ll also say what I’m about to propose is radical, out-of-the-norm in many ways, and… Continue reading Educators Unite

Kangaroo Congress + Kangaroo President = Kangaroo Courts

Each time President Trump does something outlandish and illegal, the Democrats talk about settling it in the courts (rather than doing what they should, which is impeach). They can say they are going to court all they want. They can file the court papers. They might even win the first few rounds. At some point… Continue reading Kangaroo Congress + Kangaroo President = Kangaroo Courts

San Francisco Walkabout-ish

Today was a pretty good day to be in San Francisco. The fog was out at the ocean, but the breeze wasn’t too bad. The pelicans (one of my favorite birds) were flying about. The temperature in the Castro was just right for me. The vibe that is San Francisco was out in full force.… Continue reading San Francisco Walkabout-ish