“The Fires are Necessary”

Photosource: https://thevillagereporter.com/minneapolis-police-station-torched-amid-george-floyd-protest/ Reading through all of the protest and riot news today, two things are stuck in my mind. One is how it appears those who want to start race wars and create anarchy are highjacking peaceful protests. The other is what one person said, “The fires are necessary.” This has left me confused and… Continue reading “The Fires are Necessary”

A Day to Say His Name

George Floyd Say Their Names Breonna Taylor Eric Garner Michael Brown Ahmad Arbery Bettie Jones Michael Lee Marshall Rayshaun Cole Trayvon Martin Michael Brown Sean Reed Tamir Rice Keith McLeod Felix Kumi Sandra Bland Jonathan Sanders Kevin Higgenbotham John Crawford And so many others.

Middle and High School in the Fall

Returning to school in the fall has been on my mind, a lot. We are in the era of the unknown, and trying to plan for the unknown. No one seems to know, understandably, how to plan for in returning to school. Should it be the return of what we had before? Should we just… Continue reading Middle and High School in the Fall

New Kitchen Toys

This morning I found a new blog to follow, The Prairie Homestead (https://www.theprairiehomestead.com). I was looking for a vegetable stock recipe I could make and then can. While I was fortunate to find a recipe I liked on the above website, unfortunately I also found out one must can it with a pressure cooker. Of… Continue reading New Kitchen Toys

Want to Earn a Bazillion Bucks?

I sure wish I was good at the new coding. There is a need for an app right now that would earn someone a bazillion bucks if they got it right and got it out fast. As the country begins to open up, people are by nature, going to want to go to a movie,… Continue reading Want to Earn a Bazillion Bucks?