Winter, Winter, Winter

Please, someone call winter and tell let it know it has overstayed its welcome!

One day it’s sunny and nice, lovely weather to mow, plant a shrub, lay some grass, etc. Then bam! Rain and chilly yesterday. Bam again! Today it was overcast with a wind that went right through you. With wind chill it felt like it was in the 30’s…the 30’s!

It wouldn’t be so bad if the wind would die down, at least it wouldn’t feel so cold.

This afternoon I had a pep talk with the corn coming up and the seeds I planted a couple of days ago when spring was teasing us. Told them, just one more night. Survive one more night because it is supposed to be in the high 40s at night and 60s/70s during the day for the foreseeable future.

Please, please though Mother Nature, please send winter packing until November and let us at least get outside in our yards. You’ve already limited us with COVID-19.

We promise to do better, take care of you differently and treat one another more kindly if you will just bring us nicer weather. Please with sugar on top!

We’ll be good, you’ll see.

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