We Have Great Neighbors!

We have been twice blessed with great neighbors!

In Albuquerque, we got to know our neighbors, helped them when we could, and heavens knows how much they helped us with the kids, and in not asking too many questions during some rough times. We all made sure to keep any eye on one another’s places when traveling and even when we weren’t. Over the years we had many gatherings, large and small, with them and other friends. They were always supportive of us, and we of them.

In our new home here in Indiana, we have the same, and even more so. All of us watch out for what is happening, a garage door left open, sprinklers forgotten on in the rain, and packages delivered. If we are out and about, there is always a wave or shout hello. In the olden days, pre-COVID, it wasn’t unusual to have an impromptu conversation about kids, work, cooking, baking, or even just the weather.

We’ve all exchanged baked goods of some sort, and with the diversity of our little cul-de-sac, have had a variety of different foods. Some of us have shared a meal or a snack, and we had a little bring-a-dessert party during the holidays last year.

Just today, one neighbor had their aerator on their riding lawn mower and offered to do our backyard too. They did so, even with the challenge of getting through out back gate. We truly appreciated it and I’m sure it will help get the grass going in the back.

As soon as we can move beyond social distancing, and we have our 12-person table and chairs, I want to have them all, and their kids, over for dinner. The adults can visit in the dining room while the kids text one another in the great room, or maybe play Foozball in the basement.

Thank you Neighbor God and thank you neighbors. I’m glad we have you and have gotten to know you!

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