Dear Senator Klobuchar…

Dear Senator Klobuchar, Please take a moment of reflection, humility, and a pragmatic lens as you read my words. I am writing to plea with you, nay beg of you, to suspend your presidential aspirations for 2020. At this point, if your aides, confidants and staff haven’t told you there is no way to reach… Continue reading Dear Senator Klobuchar…

Bernie and the Trump Playbook

First, I am one who will vote blue no matter who. Our country can’t take four more years of Trump and survive as a Democracy. Hopefully, all of you who want to keep the United States in the framework envisioned by the Founding Fathers will do the same. That said, I’m hoping it isn’t Bernie.… Continue reading Bernie and the Trump Playbook

“On Tyranny: Beware the One-Party State” (Snyder)

I am purposefully skipping Chapter 2 of On Tyranny for the moment as I have a little more research to do before posting about it. Chapter 3 is Beware the One-Party State. If you are paying attention and are woke, you will see we are quickly moving in this direction. Yes, we currently have two… Continue reading “On Tyranny: Beware the One-Party State” (Snyder)

Where Have All Our Leaders Gone? Repost

After the events of today with Devin Nunes and the apparent installation of a Trumpist loyalist as the Director of National Intelligence, meaning another part of our government is now compromised, I felt an old post is even more relevant today than it was just a few months ago. Where Have All Our Leaders Gone?

Just Missed a Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans

Today I head home from a meeting in New Orleans. It was great fun and I laughed a lot with friends I don’t see often. Also got to know some coworkers a little better. Always interesting how I can sit two seats away from someone at the office, but it takes leaving the office to… Continue reading Just Missed a Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans

French Quarter Walkabout

I’m in New Orleans for a conference this week. After today’s session, I had a little bit of time to do one of my walkabouts (may do another if I can get motivated to get up early enough tomorrow morning). Here are the pictures that called to me. There is such history in this city.… Continue reading French Quarter Walkabout