Donald Ruined Republicans, Nancy is Ruining Democrats

Every day I wake up and wonder how our politics got to where they are today. Where compromise is a bad thing. Where civility has gone by the wayside. Where people just don’t think what politicians do affect their daily lives. The Republicans allowed a white supremest, a sexual predator and a liar to take… Continue reading Donald Ruined Republicans, Nancy is Ruining Democrats

Wanted: True Christian Leaders

If Jesus was really in a grave somewhere, he’d be rolling over in it at how far from his teachings many so called Christians have strayed. If Jesus was alive, he’d be at the border feeding migrants. He be at the concentration camps protesting the treatment of the youngest and most vulnerable of God’s children.… Continue reading Wanted: True Christian Leaders

I’d Like to Choose My Own Candidate. Thank You!

Does it feel like the media and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are working hard to choose our candidates to you? It sure does feel like it to me. All I hear lately are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, neither of which am I rooting for this time around, and mainly hear the name Joe… Continue reading I’d Like to Choose My Own Candidate. Thank You!

Democrats to Blow It, Again!

Every day I, along with many people, are outraged at Speaker Pelosi and the leaders of the Democrats. I’ve been doing my part in tweeting to Ms. Pelosi and Democrat leaders, I’ve called the offices of Speaker Pelosi and my own elected officials. But now I’m going to be quite blunt… Speaker Pelosi, get your… Continue reading Democrats to Blow It, Again!