Why is Picture Placement so Challenging?

As I walk around our home, I have missed seeing many of the pictures we had hanging, or were displayed, throughout our former home. They were always a comfort as many were either pictures I had taken of our kids, their artwork we had framed, or paintings/photographs done by friends of ours. To me, nothing… Continue reading Why is Picture Placement so Challenging?

All Because of an Over Inflated Ego, which Must Be Fed Constantly

Only the current man in the Oval Office, who had been scheduled to deliver the commencement speech at West Point, would say he is going to do something without first checking to see if it is safe or feasible to do at this time. Because he is getting hammered over this daily propaganda broadcasts, and… Continue reading All Because of an Over Inflated Ego, which Must Be Fed Constantly

What Does Safe Look Like?

The man in the Oval Office wants the country to reopen. The lead medical expert in the nation, Dr. Fauci, says the virus and data will drive the timeline to do so. The man in the Oval Office doesn’t care too much for what the lead medical expert says because it doesn’t align with his… Continue reading What Does Safe Look Like?

20,000 and Counting

It seems just yesterday we were watching China locking down Wuhan Province, then the whole of Italy shuttering its doors. Now we are watching Coronavirus unfold in our own U.S. of A. while wondering how it could happen here on such a large scale. I’ve already talked about that topic in this space, and won’t… Continue reading 20,000 and Counting

Coronavirus Fallout

Today three states announced they are closing all public, and some states included private, schools for a minimum of two weeks. In the last 24-hours, the NBA, NHL, and NCAA games were canceled. Baseball has postponed its season opening. Private companies, and some government entities, are having employees telework. This is all well and good,… Continue reading Coronavirus Fallout

Hospitals Overwhelmed in 10-15 Days

On my way home from work today, I heard a radio interview. The person being interviewed, and sorry I don’t remember who it was, stated if we do not get a handle on the Coronavirus, our hospitals will be overwhelmed within 10-15 days. Listening and reading, many people still believe we are overreacting to this… Continue reading Hospitals Overwhelmed in 10-15 Days

French Quarter Walkabout

I’m in New Orleans for a conference this week. After today’s session, I had a little bit of time to do one of my walkabouts (may do another if I can get motivated to get up early enough tomorrow morning). Here are the pictures that called to me. There is such history in this city.… Continue reading French Quarter Walkabout