Things that Make One Go, “Hmmmm!”

While perusing Facebook earlier today, I saw a post by a Mr. Smith about liberals and the man (the man) in the Oval Office. It appears Trumpists, and supporters of Trumpists, are wanting to have the post go viral by saying the post was going viral. I don’t know if it is or not, but… Continue reading Things that Make One Go, “Hmmmm!”

Some Recent Records in “Making America Great Again”

Here are my observations of some things for which the man in the Oval Office will be known. His name will forever be attached to his legacy of accomplishments during his, hopefully, one term: ➡️ Highest one day drop of value in the stock market in over 40 years ➡️ Highest one day gain in… Continue reading Some Recent Records in “Making America Great Again”

Patriots Punished by Puerile Protagonist

Today’s post is in honor of three people, two who honored the rule of law and answered subpeona’s, and one who unfortunately became collateral damage. Please thank them for their service and for showing how an honorable citizen behaves. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman Ambassador Gordon Sondland Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny S. Vindman

Apathy Be Thy Name and Enemy

Where do you think this protest is taking place? New York? Los Angeles? Chicago? Miami? Columbus? Indianapolis? Don’t we wish! This is a protest, just one day out of month’s long protests in Hong Kong. Their government was trying to take rights away from them and they weren’t having any of it. We have an… Continue reading Apathy Be Thy Name and Enemy

MSM, Take a Lesson

It is quite sad when a member of the press, your peer, is excluded or berated for the simple reason he or she did not bow down to Mr. Trump or one of his lackeys. This has happened not once, not twice, not thrice, but at least four times in recent history. They either lost… Continue reading MSM, Take a Lesson

Time for the Fourth Pillar to Stand-up to Do Right

We are at the point where our Democracy, our Republic, our Country is about to be legally handed over to a tyrant, an authoritarian, a dictator, a Trumpist. The House of Representatives has done its part. Brave witnesses have done their part. Protesters have done a part. Constituents have done their part. Now it is… Continue reading Time for the Fourth Pillar to Stand-up to Do Right

State of the Union Guest Wish List

Democrats seem to finally be standing up to Mr. Trump effectively. It is now time to continue that momentum in exposing Mr. Trump as the fraud he is, and a man with a low level of integrity and morality. I’m not sure how the visitor gallery invites work, but here is my wish list of… Continue reading State of the Union Guest Wish List

When You Don’t Say No

As a parent, we know we have to say no to our children to help them learn right from wrong, moral from immoral, ethical from unethical, empathic from indifference, lawful from unlawful. Children will push the boundaries until we show them the boundaries. When we do the above as best we can, our children usually… Continue reading When You Don’t Say No

All Heil King Trump I

Doesn’t roll off the tongue does it? Regardless, get used to it. With the Senate vote of January 31, 2020, we now live in a monarchy at best, a dictator at worst. If a monarchy, it won’t be the type we associate with Queen Elizabeth II, a constitutional stickler, but more of an Ivan the… Continue reading All Heil King Trump I

The Deplorable Among Us Have Won

Until today, I’ve not used that term really. However, it seems the most appropriate today. The deplorable of today are women who voted for a man who feels okay grabbing a woman by the pussy and a party that believes it should be able to control a woman’s body. It is a FBI director who… Continue reading The Deplorable Among Us Have Won