San Francisco Walkabout-ish

Today was a pretty good day to be in San Francisco.

The fog was out at the ocean, but the breeze wasn’t too bad. The pelicans (one of my favorite birds) were flying about. The temperature in the Castro was just right for me. The vibe that is San Francisco was out in full force. And, the memories of being young and living in the City were nice to reminisce for a little while.

Before I came to visit, I had made one request, “Can we go to the ocean at least one day?” Papa Rob and I spent awhile at the ocean today. I walked along the water line and he found a nice rock to just be one with nature.

As I do with my walkabouts, I took pictures. They are always of things I find interesting for whatever reason. I’m going to share just a few of them as I took almost 100 photos while there.

I hope you enjoy and that at least one speaks to you.

P.S.—Thank you Papa Rob for a very enjoyable day!

All photos are my own and copyrighted.

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