When Will the Democrats Ever Learn?!

The Democrats haven’t learned. Again! Words matter! We live in a society bombarded with slogans, acronyms, and emojis. Any of these can be turned into a political ad within hours, if not minutes. Words resonate and have meanings, and there aren’t as many people anymore who take the time to stop and reflect on what… Continue reading When Will the Democrats Ever Learn?!

Don’t Fall for It

If you have not read this article (https://thebulwark.com/dear-reader/) by Lois Lowry about a prequel to her book The Giver, you need to stop whatever you are doing, yes right now, and read it. Her words best express what is going on right now with the Trumpists that I’ve read so far. After reading this article… Continue reading Don’t Fall for It

No Testing, Fewer Cases

“If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.“—Actual quote from man in the Oval Office This quote has been on my mind since I first saw the clip of him saying it. It really describes his mindset and his worldview. He really prefers to find a deceitful way to handle tough… Continue reading No Testing, Fewer Cases

Things that Make One Go, “Hmmmm!”

While perusing Facebook earlier today, I saw a post by a Mr. Smith about liberals and the man (the man) in the Oval Office. It appears Trumpists, and supporters of Trumpists, are wanting to have the post go viral by saying the post was going viral. I don’t know if it is or not, but… Continue reading Things that Make One Go, “Hmmmm!”

Republicans Break It, Democrats Fix It

The banking crisis brought the economy to its knees under President George W. Bush because the Republicans were more in love with money and supporting the super rich than supporting the 99%. President Barack Obama was elected and started the process of rebuilding the economy and the country. He succeeded and started one of the… Continue reading Republicans Break It, Democrats Fix It

What Will It Take?

What will it take for Republicans to take back their party from the Trumpists? The man in the Oval Office, while on the campaign trail of the 2016 election said he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” and he would “lose any voters.” He may not be standing in the… Continue reading What Will It Take?

A Plethera of Curiosity

COVID-19 has come into my inner circle. I found out a friend is showing symptoms, but won’t know the results of the test until Sunday or Monday. Then I found out someone I had worked closely with has a loved one on her way to the emergency room showing COVID-19 symptoms. All within an hour… Continue reading A Plethera of Curiosity

First Voter Suppression, Now Voting Delays

I was going to write about the proposed “Coronavirus” reaction bill, but the delayed primary in Louisiana kept staying on my mind. With voter suppression happening all over the country by closing some precincts, limiting voting machines, reducing early voting days, and such, anything to do with voters always grabs my attention. On Friday, March… Continue reading First Voter Suppression, Now Voting Delays

Coronavirus Fallout

Today three states announced they are closing all public, and some states included private, schools for a minimum of two weeks. In the last 24-hours, the NBA, NHL, and NCAA games were canceled. Baseball has postponed its season opening. Private companies, and some government entities, are having employees telework. This is all well and good,… Continue reading Coronavirus Fallout

An Evening of Mixed Emotions

Watching the primary returns this evening has been a bag of mixed emotions. Sad because Pete Buttigieg wasn’t a part of the excitement. Happy that Amy Klobuchar had suspended her candidacy. Frustrated that so many people voting today had unnecessary long waits due to the lack of enough voting machines or precincts for the number… Continue reading An Evening of Mixed Emotions