Word for the Day: Pathetic

New Oxford American Dictionary: 2. Miserably inadequate, of very low standard.

This word keeps coming to my mind as coverage over the Presidential election continues. Each time a new story is broadcast or written, I just can’t think about the stories without thinking of them as pathetic.

The lame duck has yet to acknowledge, and congratulate, the President-elect as all past administrations have done when they have lost. In this election, the lame duck lost quite handily, through both the popular vote and the Electoral College. That is pretty pathetic behavior.

Those working for the current administration have refused to acknowledge their boss has lost. They continue to spout things like the lame duck will have a continuation of his administration in January. His Press Secretary stated the lame duck will of course be at the inauguration since it will be his inauguration. Staff are doing everything they can to pretend for the lame duck they won’t be leaving in 68 days. They are trying to stop a temper tantrum by a 74-year-old, or having his feelings hurt. That is pretty pathetic behavior.

The trumpists (formerly Republican) senators, almost entirely, have refused to acknowledge they have lost the White House. They refuse to congratulate the President-elect and Vice President-elect, even though many of them have worked with him for years. Withholding respect for the man, and the office, for the first time ever in an election. That is pretty pathetic behavior.

“I don’t think the current situation demands a multi-trillion dollar package,” says Majority Leader McConnell in speaking about help for those hit hard by COVID-19. We just hit 170,000+ new cases in a single day, and have been over 100,000 a day since November 6. 780,000 people applied for unemployment benefits this week. People are hurting across the country due to the pandemic, but the senate leader doesn’t believe the people need help; he was perfectly okay giving tax cuts to the super rich totaling trillions of dollars in lost revenue, which could have helped with things like infrastructure or election protections. That is pretty pathetic behavior.

130 secret service officers are having to quarantine or isolate after being exposed to COVID-19 while protecting the lame duck at his rallies or in a mask-less White House. Rally attendees are not required to wear masks. White House employees are not allowed to wear masks. That is pretty pathetic behavior.

Fundraising has continued for the lame duck. The main fundraiser is stated as helping him with his election defense costs. However, the fine print states Save America PAC and the RNC get 60% and 40% respectively until the donation hits roughly $8,000, at which time some of the funds will go into the legal defense fund. That is pretty pathetic behavior.

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe by then our elected leaders will begin to act like mature adults worthy of their offices.

One can hope anyway.

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