A Day for Me

After several weeks of waiting, we finally have all of our chairs for the dining room table, and finally the bookshelves we’ve wanted for downstairs arrived at IKEA. I took the afternoon and evening to put the four bookshelves together. While doing so, I starting watching a movie. That movie lead to another, and another, and then another. The moviethon wasn’t anticipated or planned, but it was a nice respite from everything happening in the world.

The first movie was Auntie Mame (the Rosalind Russell version). My most favorite movie quote is spoken by Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” Anytime I need a pick-me-up about life, and how life may be a bit down, this is my turn-to movie. Although I wasn’t feeling that way today, it was my first choice, and it did help me feel better regardless.

Last Holiday spoke to me next, starring Queen Latifah. It is another movie that reminds us not to live our lives in a box, as we’ll eventually end up in one, but no need to rush it. The main character reminds us to live life while we are living, don’t wait any longer than necessary to do something, and definitely don’t wait forever. If we do, it may be too late. Essentially I always think the main message of the movie is not to be on one’s death bed wondering, “what if?” Always follow one’s dreams.

For some reason, 27 Dresses, jumped out next. It is a quite the sappy love story about the old cliche, “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” Thoughts of my own dating years leading up to finding my life’s true love always happens when I watch it. This movie always brings back the best of the memories of the past 17 years with my love even though it feels like it was just yesterday we met.

The final movie of the evening was a bit political, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. We’ve heard a lot about Lincoln the past four years. Although a historical fiction, the movie still helps one remember our country has been through many things and is still surviving. It may be perilous times right now, as nothing is set until January 20, 2021, and then some, this movie helps us remember The United States, its ideals, and its promise is worth fighting for, and we shouldn’t give up when the tough gets going.

Let’s not give up!

Let’s keep fighting to live up to our dreams and ideals!

Let’s keep getting into some good trouble!

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