Are the Russians Coming?

I’m not one to give too much credence to conspiracy theories except seeing them as curiosities. However, I am one to observe what is happening around me and wonder what it means in terms of history repeating itself.

These past few days, the lame duck has asked for resignations, fired and appointed people, first as part of leading the military, to now moving into cyber security personnel.

The changes at the top of the military were worrisome to begin with as they have not been vetted by anyone, and at least one has some very extreme viewpoints. All of it has made me wonder who, if they make an unlawful, immoral, or unethical command, will stand up and say no to them within the military brass. If no one says they won’t follow that order, then we are all up the creek, especially if it is to quash lawful peaceful protest and refuse to allow President-elect Biden become President Biden.

Even more worrisome was the forced resignation of a cybersecurity person today, with the head of cybersecurity believing he will be the next to be cut. I immediately began to think about the recent take down of several hospitals through cyber-terrorism. Then I thought about something I believe the lame duck said at one of his rally’s about we’d wouldn’t have gas or electricity, and other bad things will happen, if he lost.

All of our power grids, based on reporting over the years, are vulnerable to cyber attack. Does the firing of current cybersecurity personnel, which will then be filled by his loyalists, set-up a scenario of allowing hacking to take place. Will we be left without gas and electric during some of the colder periods of winter out of spite due to his loss?

Is it even possible, as came up in a conversation this afternoon, that the lame duck might actually just throw down the guards currently in place to allow for an actual Russian, or other foreign invasion? We already know the lame duck buddies up with authoritarians and that Putin is someone he admires a lot, and wants “his” people to kowtow to him like the North Koreans do to their supreme leader.

As the press keeps saying we have nothing to worry about and there aren’t any red flags or sirens glaring by the Democrats, and the trumpists (formerly Republicans) refusing to stand-up to the lame duck (although I also often wonder how entrenched they may be with Putin themselves), are we moving toward a take over of our government from within because the lame duck is a poor loser and wants to be an authoritarian leader with all encompassing power?

Too many people do not study or remember history. Too many people think what has happened in other countries can’t happen here. And too many people, mainly Republicans based on what was reported this evening, have a low commitment to democracy.

All of this adds up to an even more likelihood of a loss of our form of democracy and freedoms.

The Democrats may be the apparent winners of the White House, but they can only move in if the current occupant leaves, or is escorted out by the Secret Service on January 20. Until then, the lame duck is still in charge and has time to cause extreme damage to our institutions and democracy, including any of the above possibilities.

Am I being too worrisome and paranoid? The evidence is mounting that I’m not, and that has me more scared than ever.

As many more have been saying, watch what they do, not what they say. The past six days the lame duck has said nothing. Might this mean he’s done talking and there’s nothing more to say as plotting to overthrow the government is being thought out and putting the plan into action has ramped up due to a loss at the ballot box?


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