An Afternoon in the Kitchen

The trip to my mom’s was full of emotion. I’ll write about it soon. Today is about my afternoon in the kitchen.

Don’t know why, but I felt the need to bake and cook. After a quick trip to the grocery store to get a couple of ingredients I needed (a bonus was they finally had créme fraiche), I got started.

I had the urge to make meatballs with spicy sausage, hamburger and lamb as the meat mixture this time. Fresh Thyme had the lamb on sale, so I thought, “Why Not?”

We were out of bread, which meant time to make a loaf. Decided to try potato bread since I had recently bought some potato flour. I found out my pain de mie pan was not as large as I thought. Now I need to order one that is 13″ long.

The next two things came from the Instagram feed of King Arthur Flour: Buttery Snickerdoodles and Bakealong Challenge for Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberries. The former was quick and easy, and most delicious—crunchy around the edges and soft in the middle.

The Bakealong Challenge cake took a little longer, and won’t officially be finished until I decorate it just before serving tomorrow. I’ll take a picture of the finished product and a slice just before the tasting. The filling and frosting already had good reviews from two batter tasters.

Below are pictures of what got finished today.

Can’t wait to finish and taste the Chocolate Mousse Cake.

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