A recent poll had the man in the Oval Office’s approval rating at 45% (ironic eh?).

My first thought was how in the world is it still that high? Although, this is where he has seemed to hover through his term.

Still, how is it so high?

In the past two months he has:

  • Ignored the pandemic
  • Then said he had predicted it would happen, although still offering no plan to fully address what to do as a nation
  • Withheld PPE from states
  • Intercepted PPE going to people in need
  • Hid in a bunker
  • Used a bible (upside down) as a prop
  • Cleared peaceful protesters by violent means
  • Tweeted about shooting looters
  • Told governors they need to dominate their people
  • Threatened to deploy the United States Military against U.S. citizens
  • Has shown no empathy towards the families of COVID-19 victims
  • Says any and every thing he can to keep us divided
  • Added to the list of lies that was already quite long

So, how is his approval rating so high?

The only thing I can come up with is, the Trumpists are like ostriches. If they ignore an action, it doesn’t exist. If they see it, but don’t believe it, it doesn’t exist. Whatever doesn’t mesh with their paradigms, it doesn’t exist, therefore he is doing a great job.

I say they are ostriches because the alternative, that they actually agree, condone, and cheer what he has done, and is doing, to tear this great nation apart is too painful and too scary to think since I have family and friends who support him. His actions, and how friends and family fit into my paradigm of who I think they are, aren’t in alignment.

Hmmm, maybe I’m an ostrich too, just towards whom is a little different.

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