Don’t Fall for It

If you have not read this article ( by Lois Lowry about a prequel to her book The Giver, you need to stop whatever you are doing, yes right now, and read it. Her words best express what is going on right now with the Trumpists that I’ve read so far.

After reading this article and one about how the man in the Oval Office (the man) and his sycophants are now going after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), he is trying to gaslight on the CDC now. He is trying to do what Ms. Lowry speaks directly to in her article.

By essentially shutting the CDC out of helping with COVID-19, trying to blame it for the lack of testing and tracing in the United States. The man is trying to blame them even though it appears he has been unclear in what he would like the CDC to do. Watching the man on TV, and seeing his tweets, makes it easy to believe the CDC has been hamstrung by him. This is him gaslighting us in trying to make us believe none of this is his fault due to his lack of leadership.

The man has already tried to gaslight us about the media being fake news; this is always in response to his being asked tough questions about policy and decisions. The man has already tried to to gaslight us about our intelligence agencies by trying to tell us they are corrupt; this is always in response to them telling us the Russians helped get him elected. The man has already tried to gaslight us about Inspector Generals being untrustworthy; this is always in response to them doing their jobs as watchdogs over the government and him keeping in line. The man has tried to gaslight us about when he knew about COVID-19; this is always in response to calling him out for not taking action sooner. The man has already tried to gaslight us into believing he wants medical coverage for all Americans; this is always in response to questions about how he continues his attempts through legislation or lawsuit support to completely dismantle the ACA.

Masterful at gaslighting, or attempting to gaslight us, is really the right term in speaking of the man. Unfortunately his Trumpists followers fall hook, line, and sinker for it. They seem incapable of logical or critical thinking. They seem to be easily manipulated into believing what the man is saying rather than believing what they are actually seeing and hearing with their own senses, or even paying attention to their plight in life, which he has made harder for them. It is just as Lois essentially states when she speaks of how it is incremental in shifting believes until as a nation, we have lost our Democratic Republican as the Founding Fathers envisioned.

WAKE UP people and media! Stop assisting him in the gaslighting! Stop broadcasting any comment he makes which is not true! Stop broadcasting when he shifts blame onto anyone but himself. Stop retweeting his comments or quotes that are lies. Stop blindly following this tyrant. JUST STOP!

If you love our Country, the freedoms we have left, and the ability to live freely and in pursuit of happiness, then JUST STOP! Stop now and vote him, and his sycophants, out of office in November. Vote blue no matter who!

Just stop! Please!!

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