Want to Earn a Bazillion Bucks?

I sure wish I was good at the new coding. There is a need for an app right now that would earn someone a bazillion bucks if they got it right and got it out fast.

As the country begins to open up, people are by nature, going to want to go to a movie, a baseball game, or a concert. With social distancing, going to close, crowded venues, such as a theater, stadium or arena, it will be hard to open them and not risk the health of their patrons.

Enter a social distancing spatial app!

It would be an app in which a business, such as something like Seat Geek, which has venue layouts, merges with a program that begins to assign seats, starting with the first tickets sold, in places that keep people six feet apart, whether it is a party of one or a party of 20. This would allow entertainment venues to reopen in a safe manner. Now the logistics of entering and exiting would have to be addressed along with mask or no mask, but that would be venue policy, not the spatial app.

We need something like this because it just doesn’t make sense to make families sit six feet apart when they have lived together throughout the pandemic. Nor does it make sense to force friends to sit apart if they are choosing to not social distance, especially since the venue operators are not going to know who is family and who is not.

Although I am offering this idea out to the universe for a genius programmer to scoop up for free, it would still be nice to be remembered with a renumeration or share of profits for doing so.

Good luck Mr./Mrs./Ms. Programmer! But you better get on it fast before someone else beats you to it.

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