Today Started in the Worst Way

The alarm went off at 5:15. My husband and I got up to start getting ready for work. I checked my phone for any overnight messages only to see we had missed a message from our oldest son. It said his son, our new six-week old grandson, Osiris, was in the hospital in critical condition. Talk about a walk-up call! They had sent a picture of the poor little guy with many tubes and monitors all over his little body. It was heartbreaking to see, and to know we had just held him a week ago, when he was seemingly fine.

Apparently Osiris had had issues during the night and stopped breathing. They rushed him to the hospital and was at least stable for the moment. The doctors were still trying to find out what was wrong.

So many things went through our minds. Was it the common flu, was it the Coronavirus, had we brought something with us from Indiana that caused him to get sick, or a myriad of many other things? At that time, the common flu had been ruled out, and it takes two days for the results of the Coronavirus test. The doctor thought it may be pneumonia.

At the next check-in, there were no changes as yet. That was both good and bad. Good it hadn’t gotten worse, bad it hadn’t gotten better either—at least still stable.

Later in the morning he and his girlfriend, Osiris’ mom, let us know they were taking him for an ultrasound on his heart, but his lungs were fine. We were to find out there was a blood flow issue where blood was flowing in the wrong direction and entering Osiris’ liver. It was something that should have been discovered during his newborn check; the hospital was surprised it hadn’t been caught before now.

Our poor grandson had something wrong for six weeks before finding it. He had been waking up at times crying as if in extreme pain over that time period, but when seen by the doctor, he said Osiris was fine. Hard to think, since he had no language to express what he felt, he might have been in pain off and on over the past six weeks due to having something seriously wrong with his health.

Around 7:00 this evening our time, when we all checked in again, my son’s girlfriend let us know Osiris was going into surgery right then. He had a congenital heart condition. The surgery would last around five hours. Five hours! Five hours of waiting and praying for a positive outcome. As I write this, there is still almost an hour to go. I’ll let you know how it went, and hopefully be able to say it went well, all fixed, and after he heals should be as good as new.

The worst part has been the feeling of helplessness. Of not being able to hop on a plane to go see him and be with our son, his girlfriend, and her family. The Coronavirus, at least personally, could not have happened at a worse time (and my heart goes out to all the families affected by the virus as they have also been on my mind). If we flew out, we risk contracting, or coming in contact with the Coronavirus, which then could infect the parents or Osiris. That is something we aren’t willing to risk. We’d never be able to forgive ourselves for making a terrible situation worse.

So, we sit here at home, waiting.

Thank goodness for our friends and family. We asked everyone to send good thoughts and prayers Osiris’ way, and they have definitely done so. The support has been overwhelming and a great comfort. Our friends and family have checked in on us throughout the day, worried with us for Osiris’ well-being. It has helped a bad day be a little brighter. I, we, thank you so very much for all you have done for us today. It will be forever in our hearts.

I have to give an extra personal thank you to my friend Lisa, whom I’ve now known for many years. She sent me a copy of the prayer she had said for Osiris that brought me to tears. It was so powerful in its simplicity and focus of words, I was overcome with emotion and joy, and most of all hope.

So, we sit here at home, waiting. But we are not waiting alone. All of you are waiting with us and I know your thoughts, prayers, energy are being felt by Osiris, and his mom and dad.

Humbly, I say thank you. Thank you! And may God hear and answer our prayers this day.

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