Grandson Update

As you all know, my grandson had to be hospitalized two weeks ago. Here is an update on his current condition. He is still critical and stable. There was a build-up of mucus they had to drain as it was accumulating in his lungs. His doctor says it is highly likely there won’t be any… Continue reading Grandson Update

Choose: Grandma or the Economy

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick essentially said as much to Fox So-called “News” earlier today, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. He said he would be willing to take his chances, and believes many other older people would join him in taking the chance of getting the Coronavirus. They would take this chance to allow everyone to… Continue reading Choose: Grandma or the Economy

For the First Time, I’m Afraid of a Virus II

A couple of days ago I wrote Part I of this post. Boy what a couple of days will do in a pandemic! A couple of days ago, we had fewer than 1,000 cases nationwide. A few days ago, we had fewer than 50 deaths nationwide. A few days ago, we had fewer than 10… Continue reading For the First Time, I’m Afraid of a Virus II

Grandson Update

There is much I want to write about, but I’m still recovering emotionally from yesterday. Besides, the most important thing to write about after yesterday’s events is our grandson. Thankfully, he made it through the surgery and is in stable condition. Today and tomorrow are the most critical days as his chest is still open… Continue reading Grandson Update

Today Started in the Worst Way

The alarm went off at 5:15. My husband and I got up to start getting ready for work. I checked my phone for any overnight messages only to see we had missed a message from our oldest son. It said his son, our new six-week old grandson, Osiris, was in the hospital in critical condition.… Continue reading Today Started in the Worst Way