Grandson Update

There is much I want to write about, but I’m still recovering emotionally from yesterday. Besides, the most important thing to write about after yesterday’s events is our grandson.

Thankfully, he made it through the surgery and is in stable condition. Today and tomorrow are the most critical days as his chest is still open from the surgery. The doctors left it open as they need to make sure Osiris’ heart is working correctly, while also fighting bacteria in his blood. If all is well tomorrow, I believe they will close his chest.

Your continued prayers and words of encouragement are much appreciated.

Now I’m off to get a better night’s sleep than last night.

One thought on “Grandson Update

  1. Frank, That’s very encouraging news! I can’t imagine the stress and anxiety you and your family have been going through Your little guy has so many people pulling for him—me among them will keep him, you and your loved ones in my thoughts

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