Trump’s Iran Problem

Is it just me, or is it starting to feel like Iraq all over again?

We have a Middle Eastern nation with lots of petroleum which tends not to bow to the will of the U.S. We get an intelligence briefing almost immediately and which owners of the ships are disputing. And an American President whose polling numbers are not that great; in fact, polls showing him losing to several of the Democrat candidates.

Wag the dog much?

Has everyone also forgotten it was Trump who ended the deal (not the best, but no one ever get exactly what they wanted) Obama brokered that was actually working when Trump took office.

This whole conflict is a Trump caused problem. Why must the U.S. make threats when Trump messed it all up?

And where is Congress in all of this? They control the purse strings. Why have they not put the kabash on all of it.

We, as a nation, cannot afford another war in the Middle East over anything. Wars Republican Presidents start are going to bankrupt our country. Why must the Republicans always take us into a conflict that was, and is, avoidable?

Someone, please hold this President accountable and put the brakes on his actions before it is too late. Congress? Melania? Ivanka? Jared? Anyone?

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