Wanted: True Christian Leaders

If Jesus was really in a grave somewhere, he’d be rolling over in it at how far from his teachings many so called Christians have strayed.

If Jesus was alive, he’d be at the border feeding migrants. He be at the concentration camps protesting the treatment of the youngest and most vulnerable of God’s children. He’d be turning over the tables of the money mongers for not helping the poor.

Why are our religious leaders of all faiths and denominations not at the southern border ensuring migrants are treated humanely?

Why are our religious leaders of all faiths and denominations not at the concentration camps standing up against the egregious treatment of children and families?

Why are our religious leaders of all faiths and denominations not shaming the money mongers for their greed and treatment of the most needy in our society each and every day in our news and social media outlets?

It is no longer enough, and hasn’t been for a long time, to make a strongly worded written statement, a sermon from the pulpit, or a witty statement on the marquee.

It is time to actually get out among the needy to fully practice what you preach!

Our religious leaders should be ashamed of themselves for not getting out there and putting a stop to the atrocities happening in our great nation by President Trump and his followers.

Have those of you who are supposed to practice compassion and set the example for the rest of us have no shame, no conscience and no morals anymore?

3 thoughts on “Wanted: True Christian Leaders

  1. Frank, as a Christian I take somewhat of an offense to this. If you dig a little you will find many churches at the border helping refugees. If you look around our country, and at my own church, there is a lot going on the help the poor. There are mission teams all over this country helping. What would you like to see happen? Where are you getting your information from?


    1. Beth, thank you for your reply. I do apologize if I have offended you as it was not my intent to offend. There are many Christians, and church’s, who are doing great and wonderful things for those around them. My point is in regards to the lives of the children held in Detention/Concentration Camps with the barest of care, ripped away from their families, dying while in custody, with no clergy member, of which there are many thousands of them in the U.S., have gone to this camp in particular. To my knowledge, and I’m open to being wrong, no clergy member has held a press conference or vigil, directly in front of, or within this camp, to protest the inhumane human beings, God’s creatures and creations, are being mistreated. It would not be a political statement, it would be a human rights statement, a showing of Jesus’ teachings in action. My point is people I would hold up as leaders of the Faith, whatever Faith, are failing tremendously the most vulnerable of us all. I also never hear of clergy members standing up against cuts in funding to social safety nets, of which many of us in education, have seen the ill effects of these cuts and how it affects the poorest in our communities. Again, not a political statement, but a humane statement.


      1. I guess I thought I replied this morning but we’ve had some power/internet issues today. Frank, I am not offended! I will have to do some digging to see what is happening as I know that there are many churches at the borders helping these families. I do know that children being separated from their parents is quite inhumane and I’m not sure if church groups are allowed to get in and help. Typically Christian groups go to serve not be vocal. They tend to be doers not talkers so I’m not surprised that there is no standing up and being loud! I’ll keep researching as I do know it is a humane problem.

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