I’d Like to Choose My Own Candidate. Thank You!

Does it feel like the media and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are working hard to choose our candidates to you? It sure does feel like it to me.

All I hear lately are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, neither of which am I rooting for this time around, and mainly hear the name Joe Biden. There isn’t any reason why we can’t hear about all the candidates throughout the week. The news cycle is 24-hours. Surely the 24 candidates could at least get a few minutes each day of coverage, not just two or three getting all of the limelight.

We all know, I’d hope anyway, political coverage equals money to news organizations anymore. Journalism is basically dead. Opinions and pundits rule. And ratings matter the most, not the news. The media is shaping our opinions by not allowing all of the Democrats candidates a little airtime for us to get to know them.

Then there is the DNC. Shame on them for also trying to decide who our candidate for president should be. It may appear they are allowing us to get to know the candidates by holding the upcoming debates. However, they are keeping at least four people off the stage who are officially running.

Should there be a limit? Yes, and the limit should be the number of official candidates. If you are still thinking about running, well then, you are coming late to the party and shouldn’t be on any of the debate stages.

There isn’t any reason I can see, why there couldn’t be three nights of debates, with eight candidates each night. Candidate names could be drawn at random, before a live audience for fairness, to see whom appears on a particular night. If Joe Biden is night three, so be it. If Kamala Harris gets night one, so be it. At least it is fair and at least we would get to know all of the candidates.

We the electorate, should get to hear from everyone running. Not just the ones the news believes will bring them more money. That’s shameful. That is not how the 4th Pillar should behave. That is complicity is helping to bring our Republic to an end.

DNC, don’t disenfranchise voters even more by deciding whom we should get to know and whom doesn’t deserve to be known.

Let us pick our own candidate for once. Learn your lesson from the last election where you were biased towards Hillary, which, need I remind you, didn’t work out so well. Learn your lesson!

Let us pick the candidate, not those of you in the ivory tower out-of-touch with us working class.

We just might actually know more than you do.

Let us pick our candidate. Thank you!

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