Bringing Down the Republican Party

I keep hearing pundits talking about how this president is bringing down the Republican Party. Interesting how they are giving him so much power.

A person only has the power to do such a deed if they give him that power.

Every day since the current president announced his candidacy, the Republican Party had the power to stop him. But they didn’t.

Every day of his campaign trail, the Republican Party had the power to stop him. But they misjudged him due to their pompous attitude with their thoughts of another Bush in the White House. (Mind you the Democrats were pompous too thinking it was Hilary’s turn.)

Every day of his presidency, with all of his lies, his deceit, his rhetoric that is dividing an already divided country even more so, who cares more about himself then our country, the Republicans have the power to stop him. But, they don’t due to their greed for money and power.

It will come down to us. We can stop him at the ballot box. We must come out in force to vote for the Democrat candidate next year. No candidate will check all of our personal boxes. We must use our power to stop this current president.

There can be no buts, just action.

We must use our power, while we still have the power to do so.

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