We’re the Chicken and We Just Haven’t Realized It Yet

I grew up in the country where we would butcher a chicken to eat from time-to-time. The thing about a chicken is you can hypnotize it to help calm it before bringing down the hatchet. Then the chicken will get up and run around for a moment or two because it hasn’t realized it no longer has a head.

As a nation, we are the chicken and the president is the hatchet man. He has been hypnotizing us (well quite a few of us) with his lies, red herrings, ruses and tweets. This week he finally brought the hatchet down. He brought an end to our Democratic Republic. And we, as in the collective, we don’t quite know it has ended yet.

We still think we have our heads.

We think we have our heads because we are still talking about elections, who is running for president, and the House Democrats offering up subpoenas, all is not lost.

It is the subpoenas, or rather the fact that Trump and his lackey’s are choosing to ignore the subpoenas, that made me realize my head is gone. When Trump, the highest elected official in the country, outright says he will not honor the rule of law, and the justice department decides it will not honor the rule of law, and elected Republicans stand by allowing him to ignore the law, and a public who ignores (or revels in this act) of the law being ignored (whether you agree with the law or not), its over. We now have a despot at the top spot, an Imperial President, whose name is Trump, our Constantine—it’s over.

When we look back on when our country began its fall, with all our faults, and all our greatness, the history books will show Trump’s face, McConnell’s face, and pictures of Trump supporters, as the faces that took down the United States of America. Other pictures will include faces of people who decided not to vote because they wouldn’t vote for a woman or for Hillary Clinton, the face of Hillary Clinton whose pride and sense of entitlement made her run again when we had already told her no in 2008, pictures of the media who provided over $5,000,000,000 in free press for Trump because it rained money into their own pockets, and the leaders of the Democratic Party who allowed for super delegates, were biased towards Clinton, and who did all it could to prevent Bernie Sanders from being the nominee.

I so hope I’m wrong for all of our sakes, our childrens’ sake and our childrens’ childrens’ sake.

But I don’t think I am.

What do you think?

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