In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

When I was in the classroom, at the beginning of each March, we would predict on the last day of February, how March would come in. There is the old wives’ tale or other myth, that if March came in like a lion (horrible weather), it would go out like a lamp (very Spring-like) or vice versa. It was always fun to see what happened, and it took some memory skills to check at the end of the month. 30-days is a long time to remember something.

Today was kind of like March. The day came in like a lion and went out like a lamb, thankfully.

On the way in to work I was harassed by a white man in a beat-up pick-up truck. I’m not quite sure what I did to be on the end of his angry and dangerous tirade. I hadn’t cut him off. I hadn’t looked at him in any way. I hadn’t done anything other than driving to work. I did signal and move into that lane, but his truck was not in sight when I had done so.

All I know is that when I stopped at the next red light, I heard someone shouting obscenities. I glanced left and right using my peripheral vision, then looked in the rear view mirror. There’s this white guy with a straggly beard shouting and flipping me off. He just kept going and going for the duration of the light. For a second, I wondered if he was going to get out of his truck and come up to my window. It was enough such that I was looking for an escape route, or how close my phone would be to call for help and to take photos of him just in case.

When the light changed, traffic moved through the light as usual. Our lane moved a little faster than the other, and I could just feel he was going to do something more. As soon as there was a little space to get in the other lane, he did so at the peril of the person on that side, drove next to me still yelling. Then he sped up a little and about half-way up his truck length, he swerved dangerously into my lane. I knew he was going to endanger me, I just didn’t know if he was going to swerve or get in front of me and slam on his brakes. Either way, I was anticipating what I would do. Because I was prepared, I already had my foot on the brake to slow down if needed.

He did his thing, then sped off still yelling. I watched as he continued just in case he decided to be ever more stupid in his behavior. He continued to endanger other drivers with his swerving around other cars and quickly jumping across several lanes of traffic.

All I could keep thinking was, what had I done, and two, how does one get to be so angry, so quickly, and then not de-escalate. What slight has he perceived that he is now blaming on others. I can only hope no one else had to feel his rage throughout the day.

My end of the day was much better. The Papa’s were finally able to close on their new home. It has definitely been a journey for them as they had to cancel several other closing days due to work not being done and whole appliances and such not having been installed. But, the big day finally arrived.

We used the evening to move some boxes, some rugs, and some small pieces of furniture over to start making the house a home. It was amazing how just a few things on the counter and a rug placed just so made it feel so much more homier. Although it was a bit of a journey with many peaks and valley’s, the wait has come to an end.

There wasn’t a better way to end today than spending time with them, and the great conversations I had with my son as we drove back and forth.

The day may have come in like a lion, but when with family, the day will also end like a lamb and full of love.

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