The Lesson We’ve Taught

We continue to see the bombarding of Ukraine by the Russian aggressors. We continue to witness the destruction of a democracy by an authoritarian. We continue to do everything but what is needed.

Putin does not care if the people of Russia suffer. Putin does not care if the people of Russia die. Putin only cares about Putin. He will not feel the effects of any of the sanctions currently in place, or of the pull out of so many businesses.

None of that directly affects him. I would also argue that winning at all costs, of saving face, of appearing strong is all that matters. He will do anything to achieve those psychological needs over the physical needs of the Russian people.

Besides, the world has shown Putin he can do as he wishes without any long term consequences of any worth. He invaded Georgia in 2008. He then invaded and occupied Crimea in 2014. Both times the world essentially sent their thoughts and prayers. In many ways it appears we are doing the same thing this time, sending thoughts and prayers.

Because we, as a world, are afraid of nuclear weapons being used, as we should be, we will not do what is necessary to stop this world level bully. Therefore, Putin knows all he has to do is hint at their use, and we will cower in fear, allowing him to do as he pleases.

At some point, to maintain world peace, and whole societies, we will have to say enough is enough. We must be willing to call the bluff of a madman and self-centered egotist, nah narcissist. We must be ready and willing to withstand a nuclear attack if necessary to let the bullies of the world know we will stand up and stop their atrocities. If we don’t, then we are complicit in the acts of the bully.

I think it’s past time to stand up, past time send the planes to the Ukrainian pilots to allow them to defend their country, and past time to cut ALL economic ties and trade with Russia, including all oil trade.

If Putin gets his way yet again, more non-NATO countries will be invaded. After all, what’s to stop him?

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