Two Great Meals

My heart was set on eating at either Gordon Ramsey’s Burgers or Giada’s during my Sin City stay. However, the Strip apparently wasn’t going to have any of it. Giada’s was closed, not sure if permanently or other.

After a quest to find Burgers, meaning we had to get help from three different people to find it, once we had decided after walking the entire building we weren’t going to find it, a kind worker led us to its location. Unfortunately, once she got us to the place, it too was closed! And I so wanted to try their hog dawg.

Thankfully, I’ve had two great other meals. Interestingly, both were lunches.

Yesterday, the colleagues I am here with for the conference and I went to lunch at the China Pablano. It is a Chinese Mexican restaurant here in the Cosmopolitan. When I first saw the name, I knew I had to try something off the menu while here, and it did not disappoint.

The menu was a mix, as you might imagine, of Chinese and Mexican food. There didn’t seem to be any food fusion happening, but the choices looked quite good. In the end, I decided upon the Tasting Menu. It had a little bit of both types of food, from a steamed bun, to tacos, to steamed rice, ending with a churro. It was fantastic, a culinary adventure.

The second scrumptious lunch was at the Wicked Spoon, also in the Cosmopolitan. It is one of those famous Vegas buffets one hears about often. A buffet it definitely was!

There was Asian food, Heartland food, Coastal food, breads, soups, salads, made-to-order omelettes, crab legs, and a huge selection of desserts. My first instinct was to take two plates to fill-up as I journeyed from station-to-station. Glad I didn’t though as some of the foods were plated individually, which was hard enough logistically.

I have to admit I did go back for seconds—a delightful bowl of crab chowder. The desserts were my downfall with the many decadent finger-food sized portions. Carrot cake, mini-Bundt cakes, hot molten chocolate cakes, cookies, gelato, and donuts—and those are just the ones I tried. There are a couple I would like to try to make at home, which is why I took pictures to remember what they looked like, including the inside of a donut because it had chocolate inside.

I’m sad I didn’t get to eat at Gordon’s or Giada’s, but these two places helped make up for it. Whenever I’m back in Vegas, I will definitely make it back to Wicked Spoon, if only for the desserts!

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