Sin City

You know you’re in Las Vegas when you get high just walking down the street, your hotel digital assistant tells you she’s a naughty girl, and the drinks light up as much as the strip.

I’m here in Vegas attending a conference for work. I was glad to see everyone at the airport and on the plane were wearing their masks. The flight attendants were very professional when reminding a few people who got a little lax in that department.

I think this was my first time through the Detroit airport. Oddly, it was our layover rather than a direct flight. We basically got off the plane and had to immediately board the next flight. Let’s just say I was very hungry by the time I arrived in Vegas.

The hotel, Cosmopolitan, is one I’ve always wanted to stay in. It is very modern with a lot of kitsch to it as well. Then again, it is Vegas. The room is fantastic with a pretty good view from my room. I had asked for a room as high up as possible with a view within the same price I had booked. They didn’t disappoint.

What I love most about Vegas is the people watching.Walking down the Strip this evening was an adventure.

There was a little older lady all by herself with a wheeled walker commanding her space—no one dare get in front of her or cut her off. Hawkers were everywhere trying to get people to take a card: made me wonder how they get paid—by the piece, by the hour, or is their name on the card and if it gets used, they get a cut. Drunkards were already weaving their way along the sidewalk, as were the tokers. A lot of young folks were out too with their heads bent down staring at their phones.

As I watched all the people staring at their screens—in the street, at the bars, in the casinos—my mind wandered to the casinos. It must be more difficult than ever to hold the attention of people at the slots and tables. We now get the same hit every time our phone dings or flashes as we used to get from the flashing machines. An interesting challenge for modern times!

Mystére is about to begin, meaning it is time to go. I love a Cirque du Soleil show and had to see one while here. This will be my fourth show to see. My wish is to at least be able to see O and Zumanity, if they ever come back.

Viva Las Vegas Baby!!

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