Testing a Dessert For Saturday

I’ve another baking idea.


We are going to a party on Saturday. Guests have been asked to bring a side or a dessert. I’d like to take a unique dessert, if I can get it to work. But, I do have a side in mind as my backup plan.

Sunday I tried making the base of my dessert, trying a substitute for the oil, applesauce. Interestingly it made the dessert more cake like than I anticipated. This consistency just wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. The taste was there when I added a little plum filling, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

This evening I used my regular recipe. The consistency I know is back, but the result was too narrow for the indentation I need. Even so, I’m going to make the next two layers to check on taste again with the addition of a second flavor.

Looks like I’ll be making the base again tomorrow, but in a different pan. This first base step must work for the rest to work. I’ll post pictures on Saturday, once everything falls into place.

I’ll get it. I have three days to get it right. Or, backup plan here I come.

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