The Garden Is What It Is

This evening I put in the last of my vegetable garden plants.

I wasn’t able to find cherry tomato seeds last fall for a reason I no longer remember. Today, I picked up the two plants I had planned on having, and put them in their place. It is now up to them and Mother Nature, with a little tender loving care from me time-to-time, to see how they grow.

My bean plants are already coming up. There were also some carrots and lettuce too. However, silly me, read my plant layout wrong for two of the squares. I pulled two or three of the carrots, and one of the lettuce, before I scolded and laughed at myself for misreading my own plans!

Several of my seedlings didn’t make it, lessons for next year. So, since I had a few seeds left, I decided to go ahead and direct sow some to see what happens. If they grow great. If they produce, even better. If they do grow and produce, I may just do direct sow for all of them next spring. That would definitely increase my plant survival possibilities. Otherwise, I’ll be investing in some grow lights and such this fall.

While I was at it, I also went a little wild with patio plants. Decided to try and control the mosquitoes a bit with some different types of mosquito repellent plants according to the Google. If those work, it will make being on the back patio even peachier than last year.

It just feels so relaxing to sit outdoors again without bundling up and piling on the blankets.

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