Sous Vide

This is a new cooking term I learned this week. The term means under vacuum, or also referred to as low temperature long cooking. I had seen it being done on my cooking shows, just didn’t know there was an official name for it.

The Breville Sous Vide popped up on one of my feeds. I decided to check it out to see what it could do. After watching several videos, reading reviews on different Sous Vide devices, and viewing several home and professional chefs making several different foods, I ordered one.

It was the ability to cook an item to the exact temperature, and over a long period of time that sold me on giving it a try. For other things, like fish or shrimp, each of those can be brought to the perfect temperature in about 20-minutes or so.

What I also liked was the thought of cooking several types of meat over the weekend, then just giving a sear to the meat on the night we have it for dinner. This will be a time saver while providing some delicious quick meals, almost like making a freezer meal for later.

Since the meat is placed in a bag with the air squeezed out of it, or in a true vacuum sealed bag, spices and herbs can be sealed in with the meat to add flavor. Marinating overnight before cooking directly in the same bag seems like a very efficient way to infuse different waves of flavor.

Once I have it, and take the Breville for a spin, I’ll let you know if it is all that and a bag of chips.

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