Vaccine Side Effects

We received our second Covid vaccine on Thursday. This has started the two week countdown to when we can begin to carefully socialize again if we so choose. Since we want to see our grandchild, we are more closely watching CDC travel guidelines as well.

Overall, the side effects for myself have been minimal. The site of the shot itself is very sore. It hurt so much it was like little knives stabbing my arm if I lay on it while sleeping. It was enough to disturb my sleep for the evening unlike the night after getting the shot.

It was a little worse, but not as bad as others we know, for my husband. He, like me, was fine the first day. Unfortunately, the second day he became sore in the way our bodies feel when we have the flu. Feeling tired was another of his side effects, which a short nap helped alleviate for the most part.

Both of us know people who had no side effects, other than a sore arm, and others who became very sick for various periods of time. We were prepared for both, and are glad they were minimal.

However, the benefits of having the vaccine, as we plan for the future, far outweighed not getting it. We, as many others, are eager to return to a semblance, but not the same, normality pre-pandemic.

If you’ve not received, or scheduled, your vaccines yet, please do so for the good of your family, your neighbors, and your country. I’m coming to believe it is a patriotic duty for us all to do so to get us back on a better track.

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