Date Day

My husband and I decided to take a few days off together. We’ve both accumulated a number of days since there basically was no traveling last year.

We decided to do a day trip to see something neither of us had done before (we did ask our kids to go with us as well, but our idea didn’t seem exciting enough I guess). Seeing the covered bridges of Indiana has always been on my list of things to see. I did a little research last night to see the best place to see the most bridges.

The best trail, as there were five, and all originate in Rockville, had six bridges listed. I printed out the maps (yes, we used an actual printed map to navigate today). We grabbed the dog, the map, and headed west.

It was a very pleasant day. We were able to drive across several, walks across others, and view two that were totally closed off to any type of traffic. One bridge was newer because the original was destroyed by arson; the town rallied around and raised the funds to rebuild it.

The rebuilt bridge had an actual working mill beside it. Since it was open, we went inside. We were looking to see what they might have to eat as it had been a while since we’d eaten breakfast. Of course we were one day early, they open tomorrow for the season—this happens to us a lot. However, they were selling all types of flour that had been ground on the premises. I bought two bags of flour, one to use on the cookies I plan to make tomorrow, and a bag of steel oats. A couple of the recipes I’ve been looking at say to use steel oats and I wasn’t sure where I’d get some.

Our dog had a good time too. She had her bed, her blankie, and water bowl in the whole of the back seat to herself. There were a few times where she tried to join us up front (usually we are going for a short drive and she sits on one of our laps). I’m sure her nose was in overload as we were out in the country. She handled walking across the bridges well, no hesitation at all. We must have worn her out because she has been sleeping since we got home.

It was a very nice date day. We definitely want to go back to see the rest of the bridges someday, walk around Rockville’s town square, and get some more home ground flour.

Here are some pictures I took today.

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