Goal Met, and then some…

Yesterday, I weighed in under my goal weight. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I didn’t want to say anything until I had repeated the battle of the scales a second time. And this morning I did, still under.

It wasn’t easy, and thanks to my husband and Noom for the support in getting here! The great thing is, I was still able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, just had to be more mindful of how much and the calorie density of what I was eating.

Although it took two months to get there, to me, the hard part starts now.

I’ve been able lose weight in the past, although not as much as this time. The trick is keeping it off, especially when, in some ways, I am much more inactive right now since we are still shuttering in place.

Noom is really all about the losing of weight, and the psychology of food consumption. This last part has been the most intriguing since for most weight loss philosophies, it is more about portion control (Noom discusses), and counting calories (which one does monitor this as well in Noom), other programs don’t talk about the why’s of eating. The emotions, the stories, and the why’s of how our eating habits developed are not usually part of the conversation.

So now, this next step in the journey is more on me, which I guess isn’t too much different that the first part of the journey. It is now up to me to maintain, to watch calorie density, portions, remaining active, thinking of why I want to eat something. The gray area is what is a good daily calorie count for me to maintain. This will be trial and error since each person’s body is different. There might be ranges we can pay attention to, but because we are so unique (yay!), there is no one-size-fits-all.

I just need to get my body to fully adjust to this weight and this amount of food. Once it settles in and realizes this is the new reality, then maintaining my current weight will become easier. I just have to remember to share more of my baking than I eat.

Piece of cake, right!?

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