Just about anything with Frances McDormand in it is a must see. She is such a great actor, and apparently now producer as I saw her listed as one for Nomadland (although it may not be the first time, just the first time I noticed).

We finished watching this latest endeavor of hers this evening. It, again, was one of those movies that gives one pause for thought. The story begins in what I would call a tragic way, the loss of a town, a husband, a way of life.

Fern’s story then continues to unfold before us of a way of life for many. A life chosen, or one by circumstance. One in which no one has a permanent home, but regardless is always home. An existence in which one manages to survive by knowing how to survive by wits, common sense, and a lot of ingenuity.

Her story spoke to me. Although I don’t have the fortitude to live that life, it does call to me. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, having wanderlust, and wonderlust, from a very young age. I enjoyed going about on my bike, and got my license as soon as I could. Having the license meant I could go places, even if just in my hometown.

As an adult, I’ve been able to journey across the U.S., North America to some degree, and a bit internationally. Seeing and experiencing different adventures feels to be in my blood. Observing different cultures, tasting different foods, enjoying different kinds of entertainment, and just meeting new people. If money were not an object, I would do much more traveling.

When I retire, I have a fantasy of buying a custom travel van, or owning an Airstream hitched to the back of my Pilot. We grab the dog, load up the camper, and hit the road with no real destination in mind. If something grabs our attention while driving, we find a close campgrounds or RV park, and set-up the equipment. Since we have no place to be, we spend a few days exploring the area, taking photographs, relaxing, and just being.

We wouldn’t give up our home base, our “brick and mortar” safe space. I would want to come back at times to see friends, do some entertaining, and just lounge in the back yard with my gardens. But, when the urge hits us, we hit the road again for a couple of weeks, or more, seeing what adventures we might have this time.

Now I’m really missing having my summers off as they were a time to hit the road with a couple of my children. Then there was a family trip later in the summer, with just the open road and adventure ahead of us.

Can’t wait for retirement, or winning the big jackpot, whichever comes first, so we can see where the road leads us.

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