It’s Spring!

I know it is only in my mind, but it is Spring to me. The weather isn’t too bad. We are about to have the time change. My seedlings are growing. Doesn’t that mean it’s Spring?

Several hours of my day today was doing Spring type things. Last weekend I had purchased the soil ingredients for my new raised beds, and a little more to amend my beds from last year.

Silly me had put the peat moss on the top as I hadn’t estimated correctly on how much top soil I would need. I didn’t really think too much about it because I had gone back mid-week to get more soil. The plan was to add the remaining top soil today.

Well, Mother Nature had other plans. She brought us a bit of wind on Thursday. Enough that it blew a great deal of my primo peat moss all over the yard. The wind literally created a bowl in each of the beds.

So today I went to Menards to get some replacement peat moss. It wasn’t as good as what I had purchased before, but it was more convenient. When I put it on, this time I made sure to cover it quickly with the heavier top soil. It will take a bit of wind to mess with it this time!

The last bit of the day in the gardens was to lay out the watering system. If I can get it on a timer, it is better for the plants for consistency when it isn’t raining. I found a pre-fab set of watering pipes on the Internet. The pieces come already put together for the most part, which was one great reason to buy them. Another reason is because they are already in close to square foot segments matching what I’m doing. One can even buy them with “cut outs” if your corners stick out as mine do. However, I will probably not do it that way the next time since the system isn’t exactly square feet segments. I think they will still work without the cut outs.

All in all, a good days work accomplished.

Now if only the last frost would pass.

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