He is Their God

So many of the trumpublicans have made statements like, “He is the chosen one,” “He is sent by God,” “He is our Savior,” and even the twice impeached president said something along the lines of, “Maybe I am the Chosen One, who knows.”

Just in the past day, a current representative said he is sad he only has one life in which to serve the twice impeached president. Others have expressed similar sentiments, including saying they would be willing to die for the man.

Wonder why they believe him to be a God, or at least God-like?

Let’s see why someone who only listens to a sole news source, believes in conspiracy theories, and doesn’t do their homework might think the twice impeached president might be the Chosen One:

  • He walked into the changing room full of female teens competing in a beauty contest, some of whom were nude.
  • Hung out with an alleged pedophile—strong evidence shows the person was a pedophile.
  • Mocked a disabled person during a speech.
  • Has been accused of sexually assaulting over 20 women.
  • Paid a porn star to keep quiet about having sex with him.
  • Was recorded saying it was perfectly fine to grab a woman by the pussy since he’s famous, which gives him license to do so.
  • Ignored precedents and traditions of all presidents up until now.
  • Broke many laws while serving as the president, including attempting to bribe a foreign country, using his office to enrich himself, and attempting to interfere with election results indirectly and directly in several states.
  • Sided with white supremacists in his rhetoric.
  • Told the Big Lie over and over about the presidential election results.
  • Directly and indirectly supported pandemic policies that led to the genocide of over 400,000 souls.
  • Incited an insurrection that led to a seditious attack on the United States Capitol Building.

In their eyes, someone who is able to do all of the above, and more, and not have any consequences, basically getting away with it all so far, could make them believe he is a god. After all, only someone who is omnipotent could get away with all of these things, still be walking free, and still be in charge of the trumpublican party.

The only way to bring him down, like so many before him for whom worshipped a “leader” in the same way, was for those followers to see the god-like chief was human. When the people saw the god-like leader sweat, bleed, or be defeated in battle, only then did the people finally begin to come to their senses.

In some ways, the discovery of the twice impeached president having clay feet has begun. Some in the trumpublican party have finally admitted to the Biden win, and many thousands are leaving the Republican Party after what happened at the Capitol Building. But, the way to make it really hit home for most of the cult would be to see the twice impeached president actually be convicted of his crimes. Let’s hope the Democrats, and any Republicans who still have a conscience and moral compass, vote to convict. Then, and only then, will the cult begin to recede and the path to unity begin.

Until then, always remember and shout out, there can be no unity without justice! No Justice, No Unity.

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