MSExcel Makes My Brain Hurt

For the last two weeks I’ve been working on a project to convert an application from an MSWord document to an MSExcel document. Doing so will decrease end user errors and errors when reviewing the application.

I have learned things I had ever heard of, or used before. Terms like vlookup, xlookup, and conditional formatting. Thank goodness for Google, YouTube, and a very smart coworker who has walked me through a few functions and formulas.

While working on the multi-sheeted workbook, I have learned how to make a cell or text in a cell turn a different color if greater than or equal to a number, how to make a cell on a different sheet compare another to tell if a number has changed, how to hide a sheet, how to create a drop down list that will then pull in data to auto-populate cells, and how to enter data in a cell which then pulls a name into a different cell when the data is an exact match from a table.

Now do you see why my brain is hurting?

Along with the labor of love of functions, formulas and conditional formatting, because I am enjoying putting this document together, I am also going back to my high school programming roots. In addition to creating all of these fun things, I also am trouble-shooting as I go along. Before it can go out to the end user, I, and when ready, my teammates, will need to put it through its paces. Even one small miscalculation can throw the entire application into being non-approvable, something no one wants. Just a personal expectation, I want it to be 99% ready before anyone else tests it. It would be nice to be field-ready without anyone wasting too much time waiting for corrections.

The last piece, and I don’t even know if it is possible, or even what to ask the help bot, is to have a drop down list be created from a specific field on a specific worksheet so that names remain the same throughout. This will help ensure someone doesn’t spell something in one cell, then spell it differently in another, thereby causing totals to be off. If this is possible, I know I’ll somehow figure it out. I’m sure it is possible as so far, MSExcel has been a miracle program of sorts.

All I know is that when my brain has to process all of this, I am very tired by the end of the day. My brain hurts, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Wish me luck in overcoming this last hurdle!

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