Grass is Hard to Grow

Just like everyone, I’d like our yard to be green, luscious, and soft to walk across. So far this has been a pipe dream that is hard to achieve.

The Indiana ground is very inhospitable in our area. Essentially it is pure clay. Digging in it is quite an adventure when adding bulbs, annuals, and bushes.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure all the bulbs I planted last year would even make it. Plants must have an excellent will to live as they all pushed their way through and thrived for the most part, just lost a rose bush.

The challenge has been to not overwater the flowers while making sure the grass gets enough, and the water doesn’t just run off because it can’t penetrate down where needed.

The current project is to try to get grass to grow in the backyard where sod was not laid. So far nothing has worked.

This time I decided, after seeing some success around the neighborhood, to lay down straw mats rather than scattering straw as they did two springs ago. The wind just blew the straw, and the seed, to the edges of the yard, where we do have some grass growing. Weeds are a challenge because they will grow just about anyplace it seems.

Now I need to figure out the correct fertilizer for the front yard so it will grow well.

Please cross your fingers this latest attempt works well for the best Kentucky Bluegrass one can have.

I’ve got fingers and toes crossed.

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