One Can Be Just, and Still Play Hard

Democratic candidates, if you want us to continue to invest our time and our money into your campaigns, and to vote for you, then you need to start figuring out how to play hard ball while also not becoming trumpist-like. Figure it out like, yesterday!

The people are behind you. Just look at how much was raised for Democratic candidates just via ActBlue Friday night and Saturday. Over $90 million dollars!! When was the last time that ever happened. Can we say essentially never!

The people are behind you. Look at the polls. Who would have thought South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Iowa, Mississippi, Arizona, and even possibly Alabama would be in play for Senate races!

The people are behind you. Now it is up to you to continue to garner our support. It must be earned, and earned every day. One can be just, and still play hard!

If you want the people to continue to be behind you, you must use every single political maneuver you can think of, and you need to discover some you’ve never seen or used before. If all the minds in the Democratic leadership and strategists are not up to this most dangerous challenge, then just tell us up front so we can prepare for the end of our Republic.

Every single elected Democrat and every single Democratic candidate must get a unified message out using radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and social media (especially social media because that is where the young voters reside). We should not turn on the tv or radio, open a newspaper or magazine, or scroll through our feeds without seeing a message from the Democrats and seeing them visiting places in South Carolina, Mississippi, Michigan, Iowa and other unfamiliar places to visit. DO NOT TAKE ANY VOTE FOR GRANTED! Get Obama, AOC, Sanders, and Michelle out on the trail, in person, showing how social distancing can work and still hold a small intimate event, with the event being streamed and broadcast.

The message must include how a replacement for Justice Ginsburg at this time will cost people their health care, the rights of their person and body, the protection against chemicals being dumped into rivers and lakes providing drinking water, how big business’s rights will outweigh the rights of the rest of us, and how it will become even harder to vote.

The message must also include how you will provide healthcare to everyone who needs it, how you are going to help bring Covid-19 under control, how you will raise the minimum wage, how you will forgive student debt up to $50,000, and how you will prosecute every single crime of this administration—doctoring CDC recommendations causing 100’s of Covid-19 deaths, allowing foreign interference in elections, obstructing justice, ignoring the Emoluments Clause, and so many more.

One other action you must take and politicize as a high priority is ensuring a safe election. A safe election includes making sure voters are not harassed while voting, that any modem used is not using local WiFi (in fact they should be removed), that there are enough hard copy ballots ready should they be needed, that enough provisional ballots are available, that there are enough voting machines, and that there are enough polling place so people do not have to wait more than an hour to vote.

The people are behind you, prove you are worthy of our support.

It is possible to remain just and still play hard.

Play hard for crying out loud!

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