Hunker Down Hair

Bad hair day number 14!

There are many things I miss, mainly people, which I’ve written about in other posts. I’ve also written about some of the positive experiences of hunkering down.

But…my hair is horrible and not a positive. When it is long, it isn’t too bad. When it is short, it is where I am most comfortable with it being now (my hair style preference has been for it to be shorter as I’ve grown older). Right now it is in the in-between.

Air dry, don’t think so. Light gel, no hold. Heavy gel, well, it lasts for a little while. Today I tried the husband’s leave-in hair conditioner. My hair has always had a mind of its own. What does one do with two cow licks and “poofy” sides when it doesn’t want to be controlled?

I’ve even taken to wearing hats and caps, which I do not care to wear either one. Too constrictive on my head. I thought maybe they would push my hair down and would look a little better. As you might imagine, that was wishful thinking.

The one thing I have been considering, which I’ve not done in a long time, is to have longer hair on top, keeping the sides short. My parents have great looking white hair (can’t really call it gray). Luckily I have inherited the same from them with it being very soft as well.

I can’t wait until Saturday at 11:00. That is my hair appointment. Not only will I look civil again, I will also get to catch up with my friend, who also styles my hair, which is actually the more important aspect. Moving back has allowed me to see her and get to know her again after being gone for so long.

See you Saturday Brooke! Hope you have a large garbage can for all the hair that will be falling to the floor.

Until then, no pictures please.

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