Choose Wisely Men and Women

Hunkering down has been a challenge I imagine for all of us. There have also been some really good things about being hunkered down, which I believe I’ve mentioned before.

I have really enjoyed working from home because it means I get to have lunch everyday with my husband, whom has also been working from home. So far I think we have been able to have lunch together every day except for one Friday when he had to go into the office. We work around our schedules even if it means one or the other of us fixes lunch while the other finishes a meeting.

The pandemic has helped remind me the greatness of my husband. This time has allowed us more time together. We try to take a walk around the block in the morning to just remember to stand up and stretch.

At lunch time, we usually take the dog for short walk around the neighborhood for another stretch and for her to use the bathroom. If we have enough time after lunch, we’ll often work on the puzzle du jour for a few minutes.

He is supportive of all my gardening ideas, even helping me cover the plants the other night during the polar vortex. Even when I went dumpster diving for a couple of patches of grass sod, he just went along with it.

Today he surprised by hanging some pictures in our room I had picked out. Yesterday he put some up in the loft area. With his handiwork, the photos I recently wrote about are almost all hung now.

Our back deck and gazebo are coming together. He enrolled me into the idea of moving from a wood deck to a concrete patio with the gazebo as the roof. I appreciate all the groundwork he put into the planning, and making sure the plans are just right for the placement of the gazebo.

These are the little, and not so little, things that make me glad we are together. He still brings a smile to my face and pitter patter to my heart after all these years.

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, men and women, take your time in finding your significant other. Choose wisely as you never know when you will be hunkered down for months together, with no place to go.

Choose wisely and your life will be all the better for it.

Mine is.

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