I Miss My Family and Friends

You wouldn’t think an introvert would utter he misses his family and friends, especially since he treasures, seeks, and needs time alone.

But I do, I miss my family and friends.

One of the reasons for moving back to the Midwest was to be closer to my family. I’d be able to drive over for the day or the weekend to go to a ball game, to help with the upkeep of my mom’s place, take my mom out for a meal, or just to hang out with my siblings. It feels like it has been forever since I’ve seen them in person.

My friends and I would get together often. We’d see one another at band practices, color guard competitions, or our, usually weekly, get togethers at a local restaurant just to hang out. There were times I wondered why we didn’t get kicked out of wherever we were. When we are together, we laugh, tell stories, commiserate, cry, and at times, get loud. They helped me immensely in giving me a sense of belonging during the time my husband and I were living in two different states. As crazy as we all are, we help keep one another sane.

We have a new grandson we’ve only been able to see and hold once. He, as you know, has been in the hospital since early April. Most of that time he has been in critical condition. It has been hard not being able to hop on a plane to go be there to support him, our son, and our son’s girlfriend.

With the travel restrictions and shelter-in-place, it has also meant I can’t get to California, or Iowa, or Kansas, or New Mexico, or Ohio, or any of the other places friends and family live.

Yes, we have texting, telephones, social media and FaceTime. These are all great and thank goodness we have them, but nothing can replace a real hug when you first greet friends or family. Nothing can replace the comfort of the physical presence of family and friends.

Those times together were cherished before—they will be treasured even more once we can do so again.

See all of you soon…hopefully!

Miss you, love you!!

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