COVID-19 Lost Souls Memorial

I wish we could all show up in Washington, stand in view of the White House, and show all the pictures of the 10,871* loved ones who have fallen due to COVID-19.

Although I have not lost a loved one, my heart has been breaking for those who have. I can’t imagine the grief, the anger, and possibly the loss of hope, you must be feeling.

I want us to honor these loved ones lost to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). To show they are more than a number on the screen for pundits and politicians to state so very matter of factly in print, on TV and on social media. These loved ones matter!

Help me honor them in a small, but respectful way. Send me their pictures by clicking here, with their name, age, date on which they passed, and state in which they lived. Their picture and information provided, along with a number to show how many we’ve lost, will become a digital wall of memoriam since we can’t all gather together in memoriam. Once I have submissions, I will share the link to the digital wall of memoriam.

Please share on your pages and your posts to get the word out.

Note: I wish I could do this for global loved ones. Unfortunately at this time, I’m only able to start with those loved ones lost who lived in the U.S. I sincerely apologize in my limitations for this memorial.

*as of 9:29PM EST 4/6/2020

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