An Evening in the Yard

It was a beautiful day here. So warm in fact, we had to turn on the ceiling fan before we even got out of bed. The heat woke us up. Once up, we opened the windows and back door to let the warmth in and to enjoy the through breeze. Perfect day (well, would have been more perfect if didn’t have to work).

My wonderful husband was able to run to Lowe’s at lunch time. He bought more dirt for my raised gardens and additional mulch to finish the front flower garden. Re-mulching the front garden was actually his wish, and I’m glad we did it. The flowers really jump out against the red background after I was able to finish spreading the mulch this afternoon (the flowers aren’t falling over, it has been a windy day).

Although I wasn’t able to get into the raised beds for the vegetable garden today, two of them are just about ready for plants. One is fully ready, just need to get the seeds in. The second is waiting for the cow manure to arrive. The third still needs to be put together (the frame arrived today), and dirt added. The plans are finished for the square foot concept. Here are my plans for each 4’x4′ plot:

I’ll keep you updated as everything unfolds. This is just the beginning.

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