Bernie and the Trump Playbook

First, I am one who will vote blue no matter who. Our country can’t take four more years of Trump and survive as a Democracy. Hopefully, all of you who want to keep the United States in the framework envisioned by the Founding Fathers will do the same.

That said, I’m hoping it isn’t Bernie. Odd since four years ago I was all in for Bernie over Hillary. He had a fire in him and it felt he was more in touch with the common person than Hillary.

This time around, he seems different as a candidate, more Trump-like than the Bernie I remember during the 2016 Presidential Race. He even seems to be using the Trump Playbook.

He has a die-hard following who have threatened to stay home if Bernie isn’t the candidate. The candidates seem hesitate to go after him. He isn’t being required by the press to directly answer tough questions. He is getting much more free press than the other candidates.

Bernie also seems to be okay with his followers being mean, disruptive and hateful in person and online as he hasn’t fully and explicitly stated he doesn’t want followers who act in this way.

Bernie promises to release documents, in this case his medical records, then reneges on that promise saying he won’t be releasing the records after all.

So far no other candidate really comes close to the support Bernie has with the other candidates splitting any moderate voter support.

In the end, does it mean anything if Bernie follows the Trump Playbook? After all, the Playbook worked for Trump, so why not follow it?

My concern is, should Bernie win the highest office in the land, will he also follow the Trump Playbook in how he runs the country. After all, Trump did open the Pandora’s Box of what seems to now be acceptable for how a President may act.

I’m not fully confidant Bernie is the one to put the Genie back in the bottle, will want to put the Genie back, and will fight to put the Genie back to get us back on track as a country with laws, norms and mores.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Bernie and the Trump Playbook

  1. You are so right,Frank. I do not want Bernie in the White House. I didn’t want him the first time and I sure don’t want him this time. I would like to tape his hands down so we don’t have to see them dancing through his speeches


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