To Release or Not to Release, that is the question

The current Regime has decided not to release the Democratic Rebuttal Memo. Color me surprised. This was the inevitable conclusion everyone should have predicted.

Personally, I didn’t feel the Nunes Memo should have been released after seeing our national security departments felt it would be a “grave” mistake. After reading the Memo, I’m not sure what all the hoopla was about as it really was much ado about nothing. It added to what I consistently think are red herrings that the press continue to follow rather than following the actions happening in the background of this Regime, supported by his minions in Congress.

In reality, I’m not sure, since the Nunes Memo was such a dud, the Democrats should be pro-offering a rebuttal. For me, it feels as if the Democrats are chasing the red herring expecting the 40.8% of Americans who approve of the head of this Regime to change their mind.

Democrats, please listen, from what I can tell, nothing you do will change those minds. Let it go!

Concentrate on the November mid-term elections. Develop a thoughtful and well-organized plan for 2020. Stop falling for the distractions. Move to stop this Regime by getting the majority in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, as well up and down the state ballots to stop voter suppression.

That is where your efforts should be going.

Think long-term.

Play chess not checkers.

Play as if the United States, its citizens, and Democracy depends on it, because it does.

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