You’ve Got to be Kidding Me…


It appears our Republican President is wanting, asking for, and apparently getting, a full military parade.

The last time I checked, there were just a few countries who have held this type of parade, complete with 70-ton tanks. Can you guess which ones?

Since I know how smart you are, I’m sure you guessed: China, Russia and yep, North Korea. Now, what do all of those countries have in common? Because you are so smart, I don’t even need to say it, do I?

Putting aside that totalitarian countries and those run by dictators (even if “elected”) do this type of event, hasn’t anyone told the President we have a huge deficit? One that is increasing much faster than in the past due to the newly implemented tax cuts. Doesn’t he know we can’t afford, or shouldn’t afford, a full military parade?

Who is going to pay to repair the DC streets as they can’t handle the weight of many military vehicles? Who is going to pay for the security of the military equipment? Who is going to pay for any clean-up after the parade? Who is going to pay for any and all expenses of this full military parade? We, the bottom 99% will pay for it. Personally, if he wants to spend this much money on something, I’d prefer it be on repairing our interstate highways and bridges? Or building modern school buildings for extreme poverty neighborhoods. Or building tiny home housing for the homeless among us. Or opening free clinics for children living in poverty. But hey, I, nor you, were asked about it.

I guess for this Republican President, nay I might just say, Republican Regime, whatever it wants to stroke its ego, then it seems to think it should get. No matter the cost in actual money or what remains of our international reputation. Then again, if its good for Putin…

Am I the only one angry about this farce, and also a little afraid of the path we seem to be taking at an exponentially quickening pace?

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